How to format your headers.


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LoanPro's API uses three fields to authenticate your requests:


Here's a breakdown of each field:

Field NameDescriptionExample
AuthorizationThis key is generated within your LoanPro account. Multiple keys can be generated per single account, and each key is associated with the users you create.

This field requires you include the Bearer prefix.
Bearer {{token}}
Autopal-Instance-IdThis is the ID of your tenant account. 5000000
Content-TypeThe LoanPro API accepts content in the application/json format.application/json

Your completed headers will look like the following:
Authorization: Bearer 1111111111111318dc37271a2617625dd00137b4
Autopal-Instance-ID: 5200000
Content-Type: application/json

Your API credentials provide access to your data, so make sure to keep them safe and sound. Tokens can be revoked—if necessary—and they can be set to refresh after a number of days.

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