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This request pulls line of credit account information.

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Line of Credit account information is stored within the LineOfCredits entity. This entity has several nested objects, which each includes their own information. This endpoint is used to access all information associated with a line of credit account.

There are several objects nested within the LineOfCredits entity. Thus, we've included an $expand filter to pull information that's stored within nested objects. Here's a list of the objects nested within the LineOfCredits entity:

ActionResultLineOfCreditNotes Autopays
ChecklistItemValues Customers
LineOfCreditAccountLinking LineOfCreditBillingCycles
LineOfCreditBucketTransferTransactions LineOfCreditCharges
LineOfCreditCreditLimitAdjustments LineOfCreditTransactions
LineOfCreditDailyArchives LineOfCreditDocuments
LineOfCreditFinanceCharges LineOfCreditPayments
LineOfCreditSettings LineOfCreditSetup
LineOfCreditSwipes Notes
Portfolios RuleApplied

If you'd like to expand an object that's nested within another object, format the request like the following:$expand=LineOfCreditSetup/LineOfCreditSetupBuckets


For information regarding Line of Credit database tables, see the following articles:

Database – Line of Credit Setup (line_of_credit_setup_entity)

Database – Line of Credit Account (line_of_credit_entity)

Database – Line of Credit Settings (line_of_credit_settings_entity)

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