Get Loan Smart Checklist Values

This request pulls the Checklists values for a loan.

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Lenders use Smart Checklists to track their loan servicing practices:

  • Smart checklists are created at the entity-level and then apply to each loan individually.

  • Users can manually complete smart checklist items; or, users can use Rules Applied to automatically complete them when rule criteria is met.

  • This request displays which smart checklists within a loan have been completed. The payload will show IDs instead of smart checklist names, and here is a breakdown of what each ID parameter means:

    id: This is the database entity ID of the smart checklist (essentially, this is the primary key for the table)
    checklistId: This is the ID of the smart checklist itself.
    checklistItemId: This is the ID of the item within the smart checklist.
    checklistItemValue: This is a boolean value that determines whether a smart checklist item has been completed.

For an example of how smart checklists work within the UI, take a look at our Checklists article.


For more information on smart checklist database tables, see the following articles:

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