Add New Bankruptcy

This request adds a new bankruptcy claim on a loan.

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During a loan's life, its associated customer may file for bankruptcy:

  • Bankruptcy filings are associated with loans. Thus, this request uses the Loans endpoint. The body of the request includes information for the customer associated with the loan.
  • Most of the fields within this request's payload use long enumerated values to ensure accuracy.

For an example of how bankruptcy information works within the UI, take a look at our Bankruptcy article.


For information on bankruptcy database tables, see the following articles:

    "Bankruptcies": {
        "results": [
                "active": 1,
                "customerId": 1256,
                "caseNumber": "22-90131 - LT7",
                "filingDate": "2022-09-19",
                "noticeReceivedDate": "2022-09-26",
                "chapter": "loan.bankruptcyChapter.chapter7",
                "state": "geo.state.UT",
                "city": "Salt Lake City",
                "petitionType": "loan.bankruptcyPetitionType.single",
                "petitionStatus": "loan.bankruptcyPetitionStatus.petitionFiled",
                "processStatus": "loan.bankruptcyProcessStatus.noticeReceived",
                "bankruptcyDistrict": "U.S. Bankruptcy Court - District of Utah",
                "automaticStayStatus": "loan.bankruptcyAutomaticStayStatus.pending",
                "proofOfClaimFiledStatus": "loan.bankruptcyProofOfClaimFiledStatus.pending",
                "proofOfClaimDeadlineDate": "2023-03-29",
                "lienedPropertyStatus": "loan.bankruptcyLienedPropertyStatus.reaffirmed",
                "objectionStatus": "loan.bankruptcyObjectionStatus.notAvailable",
                "meetingOfCreditorsDate": "2022-10-21"
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