Add Amount Past Due Adjustment

This request adds an amount past due adjustment to a loan.

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While rare, lenders sometimes need to make adjustments to a loan's amount past due (APD):

  • APD adjustments do not affect a loan's setup term values such as interest, principal amount, fees, and more. APD adjustments simply affect the amount of money that is past due on a payment.
  • APD adjustments work in one of two ways: either increasing the amount past due or resetting it to zero—no in-between.
  • An APD adjustment can also be used to reset days past due.

For an example of how APD adjustments work within the UI, take a look at our Past Due Adjustments article.


For information on past due adjustment database tables, see the following articles:

     "APDAdjustments": {
          "results": [
                    "date": "2022-06-01",
                    "type": "loan.apd.adjust.type.fixed",
                    "dollarAmount": 85
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