Edit Custom Field

This request allows you to edit an existing Custom Field.

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Custom fields are used by lenders to track information that's important to their business practices but isn't native to LoanPro:

  • This request allows you to update the settings for a custom field. Once a custom field is created, its type cannot be changed.
    • The type of a custom field controls what kind of data it accepts and displays. You can see the different kinds of custom field types by looking at the requests in our Creating Custom Fields category.
    • In our example below, we update an existing text custom field. While the type will need to remain the same, the other settings for the custom field can be updated.
  • This request does not update the value that a custom field displays for a specific entity. To update an entity's custom field value, you will need to use the endpoint of the entity itself and update the values in the CustomFields object.

For an example of how custom fields work within the UI, take a look at our Using Custom Fields article.


For information on associated companies and custom field database tables, see the following articles:

     "name": "Custom Text Field",
     "entityType": "Entity.LoanSettings",
     "required": 0,
     "active": 1,
     "reportEnabled": 0,
     "creditReportEnabled": 0,
     "archiveEnable": 0,
     "defaultValue": "(Enter text here.)",
     "maxLength": "250",
     "autoCalculate": "customfield.autoCalculate.none",
     "__update": true,
     "__id": 159
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