Quickstart Guide 🏁

How to get up and running with the LMS API.

This tutorial will help you begin your developer experience with LoanPro's LMS API. We'll walk you through the following steps:

  1. Enabling API Access
  2. Generating an API key
  3. Sending your first request


Before you begin, make sure you've got some things sorted out:

  • This tutorial assumes you have your own LoanPro environment
  • This tutorial assumes you've read up on the LMS API Overview ↗

1. Enable API Access

Log in to your LoanPro account, then navigate to Settings > Company > API > Overview:

Click 'Do it now' to enable API access.

2. Generate an API Key

Generate an API key by selecting an agent user from the drop-down menu:


How do API keys function within the LMS API?

Multiple API keys can be active within your LoanPro account. API keys are associated with your agent users, and there's no limit to how many valid keys you can have at a time. To learn more about LoanPro's API keys, take a look at our Multiple Tenant API Keys ↗ guide.

When your new API key is created, its information is listed on the API Overview page:

Take note of your tenant ID and the token that you have created—these are both used as headers when sending requests to the LMS API.

3. Send Your First Request

Nice! You're connected! :sparkles:

What's Next?

We suggest you keep this momentum going! Some great starting points within the LMS API reference are Creating a New Customer ↗ or Creating a New Loan ↗.

If you'd like to learn more about the LMS API, head to the Guides ↗ section.