Create card in LMS

This request creates a card in LMS only and associates it with a line of credit account.

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Creating Cards

From a LoanPro perspective (and a real-world one, too), a Card is an instrument for accessing funds tied to a line of credit account. Thus, line of credit accounts can be associated with cards to track transactions like swipes. Here's what you need to know about creating cards:

  • This request is one of two ways to create a card via the LMS API. This request creates a card only in LMS and not in Secure Payments. Essentially, this request creates a placeholder for a card in LMS if the card originates from an other system.
  • Sending this request will associate the card with multiple entities: a line of credit account, a customer, and a Bucket for cash advance transactions.
  • If you'd like to create a card within LMS and Secure Payments simultaneously, use the Create Card in LMS + Secure Payments version of this request.
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