Open dispute

This request opens a dispute claim on a swipe.

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Disputes are made by borrowers to challenge the validity of a swipe made on a line of credit account.

Disputes are created and stored within the Disputes object, which is nested within the LineOfCreditSwipes object. The dispute entity as holds the relationship between the dispute itself and other entities, such as the line of credit account, swipe, and potential credit.

The dispute process within LoanPro consists of multiple steps:

Please note the following when opening disputes:

  • It is possible to limit the number of disputes made on a single swipe within the program setup configuration via the "allowMultipleDispute" field.
  • Once a dispute has been opened, the status of the swipe in question will be set as "lineOfCredit.transactionStatus.dispute".
  • The line of credit account calculations will remain unchanged until a dispute decision is made.

Sample Payloads

    "categoryId": 14,
    "originalDisputeAmount": 150.39
    "categoryId": 14


For information regarding line of credit dispute database tables, see the following articles:

Database – Dispute Entity (dispute_entity)

Database – Line of Credit Swipes (line_of_credit_swipe_entity)

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