Transaction Warnings


In the context of lending, duplicates cause potential harm to your data—duplicating a loan or a payment on a loan is, understandably, not a great idea. Missing information can also cause harm in certain circumstances. LoanPro validates the data you add to your account to reduce the chance of duplicates and missing information. If the Loan Management System detects a potential duplicate or a critical piece of information missing, the system will provide a 409 response code and a transaction warning.

How you determine to handle detected duplicates is up to you, though it's suggested to refrain from creating duplicates.

For testing purposes, you can choose to ignore the transaction warnings the system provides. To do so, add "__ignoreWarnings": true to your payload. Please note, this is recommended only while testing requests in an environment where duplicates can cause less potential harm.

Warning Causes

Here's a list of actions and scenarios that may result in the system returning a transaction warning:

Existing Information

Duplicate customer SSN/DOB combinationA customer with the same social security number and date of birth combination already exists.
Duplicate customer addressA customer with the same address already exists. This applies to both customer PrimaryAddress and MailAddress information.
Duplicate customer phone NumberA customer with the same phone number already exists.
Duplicate or invalid customer email addressA customer with the same email address already exists.
Duplicate loan display IDA loan with the same display ID already exists.
Duplicate line of credit IDA line of credit account with the same display ID already exists.
Duplicate collateral VINA collateral item with the same vehicle identification number already exists.

Missing Information

Missing application fieldsThis warning applies only to borrower applications—forms that allow borrowers to input personal and contact information when applying for a loan.
Loan setup activation requirements not fulfilledThis error occurs when a loan's setup information is not complete.


Payment prior to contract dateThis error occurs when attempting to log a payment before the contract date on a loan.
Payment prior to open dateThis error occurs when attempting to log a payment before the open date on a line of credit account.
Swipe amount exceeds available creditThis error occurs when attempting a swipe that exceeds the line of credit account's available credit.