Create CPA-005 transaction

The request creates a CPA-005 transaction.

Creating Transactions

This request creates a new transaction that's processed via a CPA-005 processor. Before sending this request, ensure the following pre-requisites have been completed:

  • A customer has been created
  • A payment profile has been created and associated with the customer
  • A CPA-005 processor has been created

For more information regarding CPA-005 payment processors, read our CPA-005 Payment Processors article.

    "transaction": {
        "amount": 125,
        "funds-direction": "FromCustomer",
        "phone": "8000000000",
        "email": "[email protected]"
    "metadata": {
        "origin": "Secure Payments API",
        "username": "[email protected]"
    "checking-account": {
        "token": "QVFJREFIa..."
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