Import credit cards

This request allows you to import credit card information via a file.


Credit Card information can be imported into Secure Payments. Here's what you need to know about imports:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication for your account is required for imports.
  • Imports are added to Secure Payments via a .csv file. You can download the file here.
  • Import request payloads use a different format; instead of JSON, you'll need to use a multipart/form-data format.

For more information on the import process, take a look at our Import Payment Profile Files article.


Content-Disposition: form-data; name="file"; filename="cc_import.csv"
Content-Type: text/csv



Try It Instructions

Our requests often provide sample payload information so that you can receive a 200 response from simply hitting the Try It button. This request is a bit different since it deals with importing files.

You will need to try this request with your own REST client and tenant credentials.

But if you’d like to see a sample of a 200 response, click the response examples located under the Try It button.

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