Verify credit card address

This request uses AVS to verify a card's address.

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The Secure Payments API supports Address Verification System (AVS) requests. Here's what you need to know about this request:

  • AVS is used by financial institutions as security measure against card fraud. This system verifies that a provided address matches the address on file at the issuing bank. Some payment processors may require AVS, while others may not.

  • To send an AVS request, you first need to have the AVS Address Verify ↗ event activated in Secure Payments.

  • This service incurs a cost per use, but no costs are incurred for activating the event.

  • The payload of this request can be formatted in two ways: one that includes the full card information, and one that includes only the card token. See our payload samples below for an example of each.

  • AVS requests return a code that corresponds to a a verification result. Here's a list of the possible AVS codes:

    AVS CodeDescription
    AAddress matches, zipcode does not
    BAddress matches, zipcode is not verified
    CNeither address or zipcode is verified
    DAddress and zipcode match
    FAddress and zipcode match
    GAddress is not verified
    IAddress is not verified
    MAddress and zipcode match
    NNeither address or zipcode matches
    PZipcode matches, address is not verified
    QAVS not available
    RSystem unavailable, retry
    SAVS not supported
    TZipcode matches, address does not
    UNo address available to match
    WZipcode matches, address does not
    XAddress and zipcode match
    YAddress and zipcode match
    ZZipcode matches, address does not

    Sample Payloads

  "cardholder_name": "John Doe",
  "card_number": "4111111111111111",
  "expiration_date": "02/28",
  "address": "900 South 1100 East",
  "city": "SALT LAKE CITY",
  "state": "UT",
  "country": "usa",
  "zipcode": "84105"
  "token": "QVFJREFIZ0..."
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