Create issuer account

This request creates a Card Issuer.

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Card Issuers provide or "issue" cards to cardholders. Within Secure Payments, an issuer represents the issuing processor that is responsible for issuing your card product. With LoanPro’s architecture, you have no limitations to who you choose as your issuing processor—the choice is fully yours. This guide is not dependent on any specific issuing processor.

Issuers are the broadest entity within the Secure Payments architecture, and they are used as a container for Card Programs ↗.

LoanPro's "Bring Your Own Issuer" functionality allows you to use your own card issuer. Here's what you need to know about creating an issuer:

  • This request creates a new Card Issuer and provides its ID in the response.
  • Issuer's fit within the Secure Payments hierarchy like the following:
    • Secure Payments account > Issuers > Programs > Cards > Swipes > Swipe Events
⚠️ This request uses the v2 base URL.

Pay close attention to the endpoint of this request—it differs from most Secure Payments requests.

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