Validate credit card information

This request validates card information.

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Once a card is created, this endpoint can be used to verify the card's attributes. Attributes of particular interest for lenders are whether the card allows "pushing" and "pulling" of funds:

  • A card with "push" enabled allows funding transactions.
  • A card with "pull" enabled allows payment transactions.

Each card has a combination of push/pull settings. Verifying a card's push attribute before attempting funding attempts can prevent failed funding transactions.

This request requires you to have Advanced Card Attribute Lookup ↗ enabled within your account settings.

The response of this request is a portion of the full response from the Get Bank Card Information ↗ request.

Sample Payload

    "transaction": {
        "amount": 1.00,
        "funds-direction": "FromCustomer"
    "card": {
        "token": "QVFJREFIalVqRlk..."
    "metadata": {}
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