Update callback

	"callback": {
		"event": "bank-account-create",
		"url": "https://a.com",
		"enabled": false


Try It Instructions

To update a callback, you need the ID of a callback you already created. You can find this ID with a GET Callbacks request, or create a new one with a POST Callbacks request. Put that ID in the pathway parameters, and the endpoint will point to the specific callback you want to update.

The payload body includes all the items you can update: the event that triggers the notification, the URL that notification is sent to, and the toggle that activates or deactivates the callback.

A 200 request will tell you the result is true, meaning the update was successful. The problem you're most likely to encounter is a 425, which in most cases means that the ID was entered wrong. (Double-check that you used the callback ID, and not the user ID; a GET Callbacks request will show both.)

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