Get bank account information

This request pulls bank account information.

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This request pulls a bank account's information, including account and routing numbers, Finicity information, the associated address, and more. Here's some more detail about bank accounts:

  • The checking-account endpoint holds checking and savings account information. This request pulls a bank account's
  • When a bank account is created within Secure Payments, its information is tokenized. The account's token is used to pull its information.
  • Secure Payments uses ValidiFI to verify bank account information. If a bank account was verified when it was created, the verification information will be listed within the "response_code" and "validation_data" fields. If the bank account was not verified, these fields will store a null value.
  • Secure Payments' Finicity integration allows lenders to view a borrower's bank account transaction and balance history. The response of this request uses Finicity to pull the account's most recently recorded balance.
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