Process TabaPay payment

This request allows you to process a payment through TabaPay.

   "transaction": { 
     "amount": 1.00, 
     "funds-direction": "FromCustomer" 
   "card": { 
   "metadata": {} 


Secure Payments allows you to process card payments through TabaPay. Before you can process a payment, you'll need to Create a TabaPay Processor. That processor's ID is used in this request's endpoint.

The payload itself asks for a Secure Payments card token, the transaction amount, and the direction of the fund transfer.

For more info, see our article Secure Payments API – TabaPay Process Payment.


Try It Instructions

To get a 200 response from the Try It option, enter the ID for a Tabapay credit card processor in the Path Params area. We have provided a valid payment profile token in the Body Params section; however, you will need to enter a transaction amount. If you get a 425 response, the payment profile token was invalid or was not for a credit card.

If you don't know the IDs of your processors, use the Get Processors endpoint. If you don't have any processors, use the Create TabaPay Processor endpoint.

This example uses credentials from our demo account. If you'd like to use a different account, enter values for Authorization and Secret in the Headers section.

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