Update transaction status

This allows you to update the status of a single transaction.

      "message":"Transaction Failed",
      "reason_code": "R01"


When you receive a returns file from a bank or ACH processor, you may want to change a transaction status. To make a request that updates a transaction statue, you'll need the transaction ID in the endpoint. The body will include the updated status, a message explaining the change, and an R-code (if applicable). The possible transaction statuses are PROCESSING, FAILED, or SETTLED SUCCESSFULLY. Authorize.net transactions can also be VOIDED.

For more information, see our Secure Payments API – Update Transaction Status article.


Try It Instructions

Most of our requests on this site provide example information so you can hit Try It without changing anything. However, this request requires a transaction that is currently pending. For this reason, you will need to use a pending transaction from your own account.

To get a 200 response from this request with your own account, make sure to update the header information to reflect your Secure Payments account. You will then need a to enter a valid Secure Payments transaction ID. As a reminder, any transaction that has already been labeled as "Failed" or "Voided" cannot be updated.

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