Remove Customer Card

	"credit-card": {
		"token": "CARD TOKEN"


To remove a card from a customer, you'll need that customer's ID and the Secure Payments token that was generated when the card was first entered into the system. You can find the customer ID with a GET Customers request. If you don't have the token, you can't remove the card through the API; however, you can still remove it on that customer's page within the Secure Payments UI.

A 425 error means that the customer ID you entered doesn't exist. A 404 probably means that there was an issue with the token.

For more information, see our article Secure Payments API – DELETE Customers Card.


Try It Instructions

Enter the customer ID in the pathway parameters, and the token in the payload parameters, then hit Try It. You should get a 200 response telling you the result was true, meaning the card was successfully removed.

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