Edit bank card

This request edits an existing bank card.

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A bank card is a Payment Profile represented by a Secure Payments token. The bank card's token must be provided to edit the profile.

⚠️ This request uses different headers.

Use an OBO token when sending this request instead of the standard Secure Payments headers.

Need an OBO token? Generate an OBO token ↗

Sample Payload

    "token": "QVFJREFIaldvos...",
    "card": {
        "address": "2100 S 1300 E",
        "cardholder_name": "Terry Bellevue",
        "expiration_date": "012027",
        "city": "SALT LAKE CITY",
        "state": "UT",
        "zipcode": "84105",
        "card_number": "4111111111111111",
        "country": "USA"
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