Activate Loan

This request activates a loan.


When a loan is created, it also needs to be activated. Here's what you need to know about this request:

  • An activated loan functions differently than a loan that has not been activated. By default, newly created loans are not activated.
  • Loans can be deactivated, if needed.
  • Activating a loan is a separate distinction from an active loan status. For more information on the distinction, take a look at our article on the subject.
  • If the loan used in your request is already activated, the response will come back as "false" instead of "true".
  • This is a POST request, but a payload is not required.

For an example of how activating a loan works within the UI, take a look at our Activating a Loan article.


Pay special attention to the endpoint of this request.

This request does not use OData, so it's not included in the endpoint like most other LMS requests.


For information regarding loan database tables, see the following articles:


Try It Instructions

Our pages often provide sample payload information so that you can receive a 200 response from simply hitting the Try It button. This request is a bit different.

Since previously activated loans will return a "false" response, we can’t provide sample ID values that will work for multiple users. But, if you’d like to see a sample of a 200 response, click the response examples located under the Try It button.

To receive a 200 response from the Try It button, you will have to try this request with your own tenant credentials. If you plan on doing so, make sure to change the headers to match your own authentication information.

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