Search Loans

This request searches for loans that match specified criteria.

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LoanPro is transitioning from Elasticsearch to OpenSearch.

For more information, including timelines and a guide for ensuring your integrations continue to work as intended, see OpenSearch Migration ↗

This endpoint is used for searching and filtering loan account information:

  • Instead of a GET, this search uses a POST request. This adds a payload body that filters for loans that match given criteria. The endpoint parameters specify how the results are displayed—how many entries, how they should be ordered, where to start, and which objects to expand.
  • Pulling large amounts of loan information this way can take some time. If there is vast amounts of loan data, we suggest using a database query instead if the option is available.

For more information on searchable criteria, our Elasticsearch Loan Mappings article provides a full list of the filters for this request.

For an example of how searching works within the UI, take a look at our Advanced Search Options article.


For information regarding loan database tables, see the following articles:

     "query": {
          "bool": {
               "must": {
                    "match": {
                         "loanAmount": 10000
               "filter": {
                    "range": {
                         "contractDate": {
                              "gte": "2020-10-01",
                              "lte": "2020-10-31"
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