Link Customer to Loan

This request links a customer to a loan.

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Loans and customers are "linked" when they become associated with each other:

  • This request is sent through the Loans endpoint. Thus, the Customers object is included in the payload.
  • Both loans and customers can be created without being associated to each other.
  • Similar to the UI, it's possible link multiple customers to a loan in a single request.
  • Like we've mentioned in other requests, many users tend to want to simultaneously link a customer when they create a new loan within one request. If this is the case, it's necessary to create a new customer first. Here's why:

    When a new loan is created and linked to a customer all within the same request, it is sent through the Loans endpoint. Therefore, a valid customer ID is needed since a customer can't be created through the Loans endpoint.

    For information on how to simultaneously link a customer while creating a new loan, take a look at our Create New Loan documentation.

And for an example of how linking works within the UI, read our Link a Customer to a Loan article.


For information regarding loans and customers database tables, see the following articles:

	"Customers": {
		"results": [
				"__id": 873,
				"__setLoanRole": "loan.customerRole.primary"	
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