Validate Address

This request uses LoanPro's Address Validator tool to validate an address's legitimacy.

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This request uses LoanPro's Address Validator tool to check if the provided address is a valid mailing address. Address Validator helps ensure lenders have a way to contact borrowers if needed:

  • Address Validator works via Connections—LoanPro's hub for integrations—and it must be configured within the account.
  • This feature can ensure an address is legitimate, but it cannot guarantee that a customer actually resides there.

For an example of how address validation works within the UI, see our Address Validator article.

Alternative Method

There is an alternative way to send an address validation request. While the setup above uses the customer ID, using an address ID is still possible if a POST request is sent to the following endpoint:{AddressID})/verify


For information regarding address database tables, see the following articles:

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