Create card in LMS + Secure Payments

This request creates a card in LMS and Secure Payments.

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From a LoanPro perspective (and a real-world one, too), a Card is an instrument for accessing funds tied to a line of credit account. Thus, line of credit accounts can be associated with cards to track transactions like swipes:

  • There are two ways to create Cards: one where the card is created within both LMS and Secure Payments, and one where the card is created only within LMS. This request creates a card within LMS and Secure Payments simultaneously and establishes a connection between both systems.
    • These requests use the same payload, but they use different endpoints.
  • Cards within LMS are associated with Customers and Line of Credit accounts.
  • When a card is created, most information can be determined by the Card Program and customer that it's associated with.
  • Once a card is created, its UUID is used to authorize swipes.
    • However, the card's UUID is generated asynchronously. To pull the card's UUID, send the Get Card UUID request.
    • The card's UUID is then stored within the "merchantCardToken" field within the response.
  • Cards fit within Secure Payments ecosystem as follows:
    • Issuers > Card Programs > Cards > Swipes > Swipe Events
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