Edit Loan Document

This request edits a loan document.

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Loan documents are often used in lending to keep copies of a borrower's loan agreement and more:

  • This request edits the information of a specific customer document saved within the account.
  • You will need to know the ID of the document, and this ID is not found in the UI. Use a GET request to find a document's ID.
  • Loan documents differ from customer documents, but the two differ only in where they are saved. Thus, the two types of documents use different endpoints.

For an example of how loan documents work within the UI, take a look at our Loan Documents article.


For information on loan document database tables, see the following articles:

     "sectionId": 1,
     "fileName": "Updated Document",
     "active": 1,
     "archived": 0,
     "customerVisible": 1,
     "__id": 344,
     "__update": true
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