Generate Webhook Report

This request generates a report of webhooks sent from your account.


LoanPro features a Reports tab where users can view and export filtered information. Here's what you need to know about this request:

  • This request queries a history of webhooks sent from your account.
  • The response of this request lists both information regarding the webhook itself and the loan or line of credit account it's associated with.

For an example of how the Webhooks Report works within the UI, take a look at our Webhooks Report article.


For information regarding database tables that store webhook and notification history, see the following articles:

    "reportOptions": {
        "return_code": "200",
        "method": "POST",
        "delivery_id": "51",
        "dateFrom": "2023-12-17 00:00:01",
        "dateTo": "2023-12-21 23:59:59",
        "trace_id": "39ca80d9-6ebb-4802-91f5-9fa2fe41efd6"
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