Edit Action & Results

This request allows you to edit the Actions and Results on a loan.


Actions and Results are used by lenders to track the effectiveness of servicing operations and standardize practices for their personnel. Here's what you need to know about editing action and results notes:

  • This request edits an action, result, and note associated with a loan.
  • You will notice there are three different IDs needed for this request: action and result note ID, loan ID, and action and result selection ID. Of those three, the last one is the most difficult to acquire. Here's a guide that explains how to find the ID.
  • This request does not update the loan's follow-up date. When you add or update an action and result within the UI, the system actually sends two requests: one for the action and result and one to update the follow-up date. This page—or any REST client—won't send two requests at the same time, so you'll need to send a separate request to update the follow-up date by editing the loan settings.


For information on action and result database tables, see the following articles:

    "ActionResultSelectionItems": {
        "results": [
                "__id": 65,
                "__destroy": true
                "Action": {
                    "__id": 10
                "Result": {
                    "__id": 5
    "loanId": 9114,
    "note": "<p>This note was edited via the API! &lt;3</p>",
    "__update": true,
    "__id": 74


Try It Instructions

Our requests often provide sample payload information so that you can receive a 200 response from simply hitting the Try It button. This request is a bit different. Namely, because of the action and result selection ID. You will need to find this ID yourself, since it changes each time you update a loan's action and results information.

Due to this, we can’t provide sample ID values that will work for multiple users. But, if you’d like to see a sample of a 200 response, click the response examples located under the Try It button.

To receive a 200 response from the Try It button, you will have to try this request with your own tenant credentials. If you plan on doing so, make sure to change the headers to match your own authentication information.

Click Try It! to start a request and see the response here!