Edit Agent Actions & Results

This request allows you to edit the Actions and Results on a loan.

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Actions and Results are used by lenders to track the effectiveness of servicing operations and standardize practices for their personnel:

  • This request edits an agent action, result, and note associated with a loan.
  • There are three different IDs needed for this request: an agent actions and results note ID, loan ID, and agent actions and results selection ID. Of those three, the last one is the most difficult to acquire. Here's a guide that explains how to find the ID.
  • This request does not update the loan's follow-up date. When you add or update agent actions and results within the UI, the system actually sends two requests: one for the action and result and one to update the follow-up date. This page—or any REST client—won't send two requests at the same time, so it's necessary to send a separate request to update the follow-up date by editing the loan settings.


For information on agent actions database tables, see the following articles:

    "ActionResultSelectionItems": {
        "results": [
                "__id": 65,
                "__destroy": true
                "Action": {
                    "__id": 10
                "Result": {
                    "__id": 5
    "loanId": 9114,
    "note": "<p>This note was edited via the API! &lt;3</p>",
    "__update": true,
    "__id": 74
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