Link accounts

This request links multiple accounts together.

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Line of credit accounts can be linked together and linked to loans:

  • This request is sent through a specific endpoint. There are no path parameters, and all information for the linked accounts is listed within the payload.
  • When linking a line of credit to a loan, determine how the values between the accounts are affected using the following fields:
    • "subtractBalance"
    • "loanSubtractBalanceType"
    • "lineOfCreditAddCreditLimit"
  • There is no limit to how many line of credit accounts and loans that can be linked to main line of credit account in this request.

For an example of how account links work within the UI, take a look at our Line of Credit – Account Linking article.


For information regarding linked line of credit account database tables, see the following articles:

    "mainEntityType": "Entity.LineOfCredit",
    "mainEntityId": 103,
    "linkedEntityType": "Entity.Loan",
    "linkedEntityId": 9301,
    "subtractBalance": 1,
    "loanSubtractBalanceType": "lineOfCredit.subtractBalanceType.principal",
    "lineOfCreditAddCreditLimit": 1,
    "isPrimary": 0,
    "bucketId": 3
    "mainEntityId": 1243,
    "mainEntityType": "Entity.LineOfCredit",
    "linkedEntityId": 54332,
    "linkedEntityType": "Entity.LineOfCredit",
    "subtractBalance": 1,
    "loanSubtractBalanceType": "lineOfCredit.subtractBalanceType.principal",
    "lineOfCreditAddCreditLimit": 1
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