Predict Payment Application

This request previews a payment's breakdown before it's logged and processed.

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Like the name suggests, this request allows you to predict how a payment will apply to different pieces of a loan:

  • This request does not log a payment. It simply displays how the payment affects the loan.
  • This request is useful for testing if your payment will affect other payments. If this is the case, the response will include an affectedPayments object.
  • Depending on the loan's extra towards settings, a payment amount that is larger than the scheduled payment will apply to future payments.


Pay special attention to the endpoint of this request.

This request does not use OData, so it's not included in the endpoint like most other LMS requests.


For information on payment database tables, see the following articles:

     "Date": "2022-03-19",
     "Amount": 250,
     "PaymentTypeId": 1,
     "Extra": "payment.extra.tx.principal",
     "chargeFeeType": "loan.cardfee.types.1",
     "chargeFeeAmount": 5,
     "chargeFeePercentage": 5
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