Get Loan Information

This request pulls loan information.


Like the Customers entity, the Loans entity holds a great amount of information. Here's what you need to know about Loans:

  • You can use an $expand token to view the information within any of the nested objects. Or, you can send the request directly to the object like the following:

  • There are dozens of objects nested within the Loans entity. Here's a list of the nested objects:

Nested Loan Objects
ActionResultNotes EstimatedDisbursements
Advancements Insurance
APDAdjustments LinkedLoanValues
Autopays LoanChilds
Bankruptcies LoanFunding
Charges LoanSettings
ChecklistItemValues LoanSetup
Collateral Payments
Credits RuleAppliedBankruptcy
CurtailmentDates RuleAppliedChangeDueDates
Customers RuleAppliedChargeOff
CustomFieldValues RuleAppliedChecklists
Documents RuleAppliedCustomerTools
DPDAdjustments RuleAppliedLoanSettings
DueDateChanges RuleAppliedLoanSetup
EscrowAdjustments RuleAppliedStopInterest
EscrowCalculatedTx ScheduleRolls
EscrowCalculators StatusArchive
EscrowSubsetOptions StopInterestDates
EscrowSubsets SubPortfolios
EscrowTransactions Transactions

For an example of how loans work within the UI, take a look at our New Loan Manager article.


For information regarding loan database tables, see the following articles:


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