Generate Dynamic Template

This request generates Dynamic Templates for a line of credit account.

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Dynamic Templates are a powerful tool often used to communicate with borrowers. Each template can include LoanPro's context engine variables to dynamically reflect the loan's information. Note the following when using this request to generate Dynamic Templates:

This request only generates a template. A follow-up request is used to download a generated form.

The ID of the Dynamic Template is required to generate it. Dynamic Template IDs can be found within the UI by navigating to Settings > Loan > Dynamic Templates > Dynamic Template Management. To pull Dynamic Template IDs via the API, send a GET request to the CustomForms endpoint:

The response from this request can be lengthy. Thus, if you'd like to pull only the custom forms' IDs, names, and entity that they're associated with, you can use a $select parameter:$select=id,name,entityType

When generating multiple forms in one request, include a list of Dynamic Template IDs. Instead of using the id parameter, the payload will look sort of like an index. Here's an example of how a payload with multiple forms is formatted:

    "0": 63,
    "1": 68,
    "2": 69,
    "3": 70,
    "4": 71,
    "5": 74

For an example of how generating forms works within the UI, read our Custom Forms – Next Steps article.


For information on custom form database tables, see the following articles:

   "id": 71
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