Get Tenant Settings

This request allows you to pull settings information for your tenant account.

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Your tenant settings apply broadly to everything within your account. Here's what you need to know about this request:

  • This request is read-only; you can't edit any of the tenant settings with this endpoint.
  • The tenant settings are split into categories. You select a category within the URL, and only one can be selected at a time. To view a list of the available categories, expand the following fold:
Available Settings Categories
Settings Group Description
alert.usury Usury alert settings Company date/time settings
company.settings General company settings
companysettings.notifications Notification settings
customer.default Default customer settings
customermanager Customer Manager Settings
data.usage Data usage settings and statistics
duedate.change.fee Due date change fee settings
latefee Late fee settings
loan.settings Loan settings
loanmanager Loan Manager settings
loansettings.alerts.flags Loan flag settings
loansettings.alerts.stoplights Loan stoplight settings
loansettings.ruleapplied.apdreset Amount past due rules applied settings
loansettings.ruleapplied.chargeoff Charge-off rules applied settings
loansettings.ruleapplied.checklist Checklist rules applied settings
loansettings.ruleapplied.duedates Due dates rules applied settings
loansettings.ruleapplied.loansettings Loan rules applied settings
loansettings.setupnewloan.activation New loan activation settings
merchant.nacha NACHA file settings
merchant.paynearme PayNearMe settings
numbering Account numbering settings
numbering.holdingAccount Holding account number settings
payment Payments settings
pmt.reversal.charge Payment reversal fee settings
settings.customerWebsite Customer website settings
settings.defaults.holdingaccount Holding account defaults settings
tenant.emailqueueprocess Email queue processing settings
tenant.usage.prices Tenant usage cost settings


For information on tenant settings database tables, see the following article:

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