Print Physical Check

This request can print a check that has been generated.

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Our Enhanced Funding tool provides users with the option to fund a loan via physical checks. Those checks can be printed, and they are often used by those who operate in physical, brick-and-mortar locations:

  • Checks are generated as a PDF.
  • Before a check can be printed, it needs to be generated through a physical check Enhanced Funding request. (And pay special attention to the first ID in the response—that's the check ID.)
  • As a security measure, each check can only be generated once. After it has been generated, it can't be printed again.

For more information on the process of generating and printing physical checks within the LoanPro UI, see our Funding with a Physical Check article.


Pay special attention to the endpoint of this request.

This request does not use OData, so it's not included in the endpoint like most other LMS requests.


For information regarding enhanced funding database tables, see the following articles:

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