Deactivate Loan

This request deactivates a loan.

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Loan accounts have an activation status to determine whether the calculator should run on the account. By default, a loan is not activated when it's created; but a loan can be deactivated after it has been activated. Deactivating a loan allows you to edit the values within the LoanSetup object. Here are a few things to note about deactivating loans:

  • This request pauses the LoanPro calculator for the loan account. Loan values will no longer update daily and the loan functions as though it's not aware of dates.
  • Deactivating a loan updates the "active" field within the LoanSetup object that's nested within the Loans entity. An deactivated loan will have a "active" value of 0 instead of 1.

For an example of how loan activation works within the UI, take a look at our Activating a Loan article.

💭 Are deactivated loans included in my billable accounts?

Yes. However, you can archive a loan to exclude it from your billable accounts.


For information regarding loan database tables, see the following articles:

    "LoanSetup": {
        "active": 0,
        "__id": 11670,
        "__update": true
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