Add System Note

This request allows you to add a system note.


The system logs notes on the actions taken by your users. Here's what you need to know about this system notes:

  • System notes are used to view changes to settings and entities within your account. This part of the software tracks creations, updates, and deletions made to the settings, loans, customers, source companies, and defaults of your company.
  • This request will manually create a system note. It does not complete the action that the note is describing, however. As such, caution should be taken when manually adding system notes since it could create confusion when auditing the actions taken on loans.
  • System notes cannot be manually made within the UI—only the API.
  • When manually logging a system note, System will be logged as the user and will be logged as the IP address.

For an example of how system notes work within the UI, take a look at our Global System Notes and System Notes History Changes articles.


For information on system note database tables, see the following article:

     "entityType": "Entity.Loan",
     "entityId": 9118,
     "referenceType": "Entity.Collateral",
     "referenceId": 897,
     "operationType": "UPDATE",
     "operationSubType": "systemNote.operationSubtype.crud",
     "noteTitle": "This global system note was made via the API.",
     "noteData": "{\"d\":{\"newValue\":\"Sport\",\"oldValue\":\"Base\"}}"


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