Set Payment Profile as Primary

This request sets a customer's Payment Profile as primary or secondary.

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A Payment Profile allows a borrower to make payments on their accounts:

  • The current primary payment profile must be listed in the payload first. The system begins by updating the primary payment profile and then updates the subsequent payment profiles.
  • Only one payment profile can be listed as primary.

For an example of how payment profiles work within the UI, take a look at our Add a Payment Profile article.


For information regarding payment profile database tables, see the following articles:

    "PaymentAccounts": {
        "results": [
                "id": 307,
                "isPrimary": 0,
                "isSecondary": 1,
                "__id": 307,
                "__update": true
                "id": 320,
                "isPrimary": 1,
                "isSecondary": 0,
                "__id": 320,
                "__update": true
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