Log Charge-Off

This request logs a charge-off on a payment.

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A lender may determine it's in their best interest to charge-off an amount on a loan:

  • Charge-offs are not a forgiven amount on a loan—they hold credit implications for the borrower.
  • A charge-off is actually logged as a credit within LoanPro for accounting purposes. Notice the payload for this request uses the Credits object.
  • A charge-off can be made for any amount up to the remaining loan balance. It's possible to charge off the rest of the loan or just a portion of it.

For an example of how charge-offs work within the LoanPro UI, take a look at our Charge-Offs 101 article.


For information on charge-off database tables, see the following articles:

     "Credits": {
          "results": [
                    "resetPastDue": 0,
                    "chargeOffFlag": 1,
                    "loanId": 9709,
                    "date": "2022-07-01",
                    "paymentType": 1,
                    "category": 6,
                    "amount": 100,
                    "title": "This charge-off was logged via the API."
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