Create AutoPay

This request creates an AutoPay on a line of credit account.

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AutoPays allow users to schedule automatically processed payments. Here's what you need to know about this request:

  • This request will schedule an AutoPay (or multiple AutoPays) on an account. There is a wealth of configuration settings available, and we recommend taking some time to look at each parameter in the payload.
  • The ability to create an AutoPay on a line of credit is dependent on AutoPays being enabled in the LineOfCreditSettings. The autopayEnabled field within the LineOfCreditSettings object must be set to 1.
  • A scheduled AutoPay may fail when it's processed. This may happen if the customer's payment account is invalid or if the selected processor for the payment is incorrect.


For information about Line of Credit and AutoPay database tables, see the following articles:

    "Autopays": {
        "results": [
                "name": "Monthly Statement Balance AutoPay",
                "type": "locAutopay.amountType.Total",
                "amount": null,
                "recurringFrequency": "autopay.recurringFrequency.monthly",
                "recurringPeriods": 24,
                "applyDate": "2023-12-30",
                "processDateTime": "2023-12-29 15:00:00",
                "PrimaryPaymentMethod": {
                    "__id": 4932
                "isSplit": 0,
                "paymentTypeId": 1,
                "paymentSplitTypeId": null,
                "amountType": "locAutopay.amountType.static",
                "recurringDateOption": "autopay.recurringDate.applyDate",
                "merchantProcessor": {
                    "bankAccount": {
                        "id": 130,
                        "key": "nacha",
                        "name": "NACHA",
                        "default": 0
                "creditCardProcessor": null,
                "bankAccountProcessor": 130,
                "status": "autopay.status.pending",
                "originalProcessDateTime": null,
                "processIfCurrent": false,
                "chargeServiceFee": 0,
                "retryDays": 0,
                "retryCount": 0,
                "scheduleNextIfFail": 0,
                "postPaymentUpdate": 0,
                "schedulingType": "autopay.schedulingType.calendarDay",
                "daysInPeriod": null,
                "lastDayOfMonthEnabled": 0,
                "applyLastDayOfMonthEnabled": 0,
                "paymentFee": 0,
                "paymentMethodAuthType": "payment.echeckauth.WEB",
                "chargeOffRecovery": 0,
                "active": 1,
                "created": null,
                "totalBalanceAdjustment": "lineOfCredit.amountExceedsOption.matchTotalBalance",
                "mcProcessor": "{\"bankAccount\":{\"id\":130,\"key\":\"nacha\",\"name\":\"nacha\",\"default\":0}}",
                "processCurrent": 0,
                "baProcessor": 130
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