Log New Payment

This request logs a new payment on a loan.

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There are two types of payments that LoanPro handles: logged and logged and processed. They differ from each other slightly, and here's a breakdown of what a logged payment is:


This request will only log a payment

Logged payments are those that are processed externally from LoanPro. In other words, a transfer of money was made, but LoanPro was not directly involved in the transfer. This request will not pull any money from a card or an account, but it will create a record of a transaction where money was exchanged and, if desired, update the loan's values to reflect the transaction. This type of payment applies to situations like the following:

  • A borrower pays in cash
  • A borrower pays with a check/money order
  • A borrower pays with a card, but the card transaction is processed outside of LoanPro's LMS

For an example of how logging payments works within the UI, take a look at our Log a Payment article.


For information on payment database tables, see the following articles:

     "Payments": {
          "results": [
                    "selectedProcessor": 0,
                    "paymentMethodId": 1,
                    "early": 0,
                    "amount": 109.19,
                    "date": "2022-01-01",
                    "info": "ReadMe API Test",
                    "paymentTypeId": 1,
                    "active": 1,
                    "resetPastDue": false,
                    "payoffPayment": false,
                    "_saveProfile": false,
                    "extra": "payment.extra.periods.principalonly",
                    "cardTypeFee": "loan.cardfee.types.0",
                    "cardFeeAmount": 0,
                    "cardFeePercent": 0,
                    "__logOnly": true,
                    "payoffFlag": 0
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