Change statement date

This request changes a line of credit account's statement date.

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Each billing cycle has an associated statement date. If necessary, statement dates can be changed:

This endpoint has two capabilities: changing due dates and changing statement dates. These two actions are separate from each other, and determining which action you'd like to make is achieved with the type field within the payload. For information on how to change a statement date, see Change account due date ↗

Statement date changes take effect on the apply date. The system will verify which period the apply date is in and change the statement date that's associated with that period.

Changing a statement date does not also change the account due date. Due dates must be changed manually.

Here's an example of how changing a statement date affects the account:


For more information regarding due date database tables, see the following articles:

     "lineOfCreditId": 8382,
     "info": "Due Date Change",
     "type": "lineOfCreditChangeStatementDueChange.type.statementChanged",
     "applyDate": "2023-02-01",
     "newDate": "2023-02-05"
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