Update checklist item values

This request updates line of credit account Checklists.

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Checklists are a tool that helps users track the progress of a process. When a checklist item is marked as complete, LoanPro records the date, time, and user.

Checklists are created and configured within your tenant settings and then apply to each line of credit account individually.

The payload of this request requires the ID of the checklist item and a 1 or 0 value to represent its completion status. To mark a checklist item as complete, set the "checklistItemValue" field to 1.

To pull a list of checklist item IDs, send the following GET request:



For more information regarding checklist database tables, see the following articles:

Database – Checklist Entity (checklist_entity)

Database – Checklist Item Entity (checklist_item_entity)

Database – Checklist Item To Checklist Entity Map (checklist_item__entity)

    "ChecklistItemValues": {
        "results": [
                "checklistItemId": 16,
                "checklistItemValue": 1
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