Get card UUID

This request pulls a card's UUID.

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A card is represented by an ID in LMS and a UUID in Secure Payments. This request is used to pull the Secure Payments card UUID.

The Secure Payments card UUID is generated via an asynchronous process, requiring a this request to capture it. Here's what you need to know about this request:

  • Card UUIDs are required when authorizing a swipe, Thus, this request is required if you'd like to use the card to authorize a swipe.
  • The card's UUID is listed in the "merchantCardId" field within the response.
  • Only cards that exist within Secure Payments will have a UUID assigned to the card. If a card was created within LMS and not Secure Payments, the "merchantCardId" field will be null.
  • The Tests section of this request will automatically set the card UUID as a collection-level variable.
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