Edit note

This request edits an existing note on a line of credit account.


Notes are a servicing tool that can log important information within an account, such as borrower interactions. When a note is created, it's associated with an account—in this context, a line of credit account.

There are two types of notes: NOTICE and STANDARD. Notices display immediately in the UI when a loan is opened; standard notes display within the Servicing tab.

For an example of how notes work within the UI, take a look at our Servicing Line of Credit Accounts ↗ article.


For information regarding note database tables, see the following articles:

    "parentId": 52,
    "parentType": "Entity.LineOfCredit",
    "type": "STANDARD",
    "categoryId": 3,
    "subject": "Note Title",
    "body": "<p><strong>This is the body of the note.</strong></p>\n<p>You can use HTML to format text here.</p>",
    "expirationDate": null
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