Edit swipe

This request edits an existing swipe on a line of credit account.

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As a line of credit account holder uses their account to create transactions, they're logged in LoanPro as swipes:

  • Swipe information is found within the LineOfCreditSwipes object. This object is nested within the LineOfCredits entity.
  • Swipes cannot be edited if they a part of a statement period that has ended.
  • This request edits an existing swipe—it does not authorize a swipe.
  • Swipes hold transaction information such as amount, memo, assigned Bucket, merchant information, and more. Not all transaction information is required, and we've listed a payload sample below that shows the minimum required fields.
  • The "rawTransactionFeed" field can be used to store metadata from the card issuer.

For an example of how swipes work within the UI, take a look at our Line of Credit – Log a Swipe article.


For information regarding Line of Credit database tables, see the following articles:

    "lineOfCreditId": 50,
    "amount": "637.40",
    "bucketId": 1,
    "swipeCategoryId": 3,
    "applyDate": "2023-12-18",
    "description": "TARGET #294702",
    "cardholder": 2097,
    "merchantName": "Target",
    "rawTransactionFeed": "",
    "__ignoreWarnings": false,
    "Address": {
        "address1": "2236 S 1300 E Ste D-1",
        "state": "geo.state.UT",
        "country": "company.country.usa",
        "zipcode": "84106",
        "city": "SALT LAKE CITY"
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