Update Customer Custom Field Values

This request updates customer Custom Field values.

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Custom Fields are used by lenders to track information that applies to their business but isn't native to LoanPro. Custom Fields are created and stored within the environment settings and then can be applied to entities such as customers, installment loans, line of credit accounts, and more.

To learn the basics of Custom Fields, see Intro to Custom Fields ↗

Note the following when updating Custom Field values:

  • Custom Fields are assigned an ID when created within your account settings. This request uses the ID of a Custom Field to update the value stored within a customer's profile. To view the IDs of Custom Fields created within your account, send a GET Customer Custom Fields request or navigate to Settings > Customer > Custom Fields within the UI.
  • The CustomFieldValues object holds Custom Field information, and it's nested within the Customers entity.
  • This request updates only the stored value of the Custom Field—not the Custom Field configuration. To update the Custom Field's configuration, send an Edit Custom Field request.

For an example of how updating Custom Field values works within the UI, take a look at our Using Custom Fields article.


For information regarding customer and Custom Field database tables, see the following articles:

     "CustomFieldValues": {
          "results": [
                    "customFieldId": 3,
                    "customFieldValue": "400.00"
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