Add Escrow Calculator

This request adds an Escrow Calculator to an inactivated loan.

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This request allows adding an Escrow Calculator to a loan:

  • Since Escrow Calculators are a part of a loan's setup terms, they can only be added to loans that are not activated.
  • Escrow Calculators use Escrow Buckets. It's necessary to create one before adding a calculator, do so via the API.

For an example on how the Escrow Calculator functionality works within LoanPro's UI, take a look at our Escrow Calculator article on our help site.


For information on escrow database tables, see the following articles:

    "EscrowCalculators": {
        "results": [
                "subset": "1",
                "term": 36,
                "total": 150,
                "percentBase": "loan.escrowPercentBase.loanAmount",
                "proRate1st": "loan.escrowProrateFirst.full",
                "extendFinal": 0,
                "disclosureLnAmtAdd": 0,
                "paymentApplication": "loan.escrowpmtapp.percentfixed"
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