Edit Customer Phone Number

This request edits a phone number associated with a customer.


Customer phone numbers provide lenders a way to contact borrowers. Here's what you need to know about this request:

  • The Phones object holds customer phone information, and it's nested within the Customers entity.
  • Multiple phone numbers can be associated with a single customer.
  • Phone number carrier information can be verified via LoanPro's integration with SBT integration. This setting is configured within Connections—LoanPro's hub for services and integrations.
  • The payload of this request requires the __update and __id fields. Without them, you may end up adding a phone number instead of editing one.

For an example of how customer phones work within the UI, take a look at our Customer Phones article.


For information regarding customer and phone database tables, see the following articles:

    "Phones": {
        "results": [
                "phone": "8662506066",
                "isPrimary": "0",
                "isSecondary": "1",
                "_index": 1,
                "type": "customer.phoneType.home",
                "__isDirty": true,
                "carrierVerified": 1,
                "__lookupInProgress": true,
                "carrierName": null,
                "isLandLine": 0,
                "__update": true,
                "__id:": 739


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