Check Custom Form Download Status

This request both downloads and checks the status of generated Custom Forms.

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Custom Forms are used by lenders to communicate with their borrowers. The forms typically include context variables that update to reflect the loan's information:

  • When a custom form (or a set of multiple custom forms) is generated, it takes the system a short period of time to complete the PDF(s). How quickly the system generates the forms depends on how many custom forms are generated together.
  • The endpoint for this request is formatted a bit differently than our other requests. To see the download status for a specific loan, use a $filter token that filters for the loan's ID. Here's an example of what the endpoint would look like if the loan's ID is 9114:
    .../DataDumps?$filter=entityType eq 'Entity.CustomForm_9114'
  • The response to this request provides a lot of useful information. And if the status of the generated forms is 'complete', a link to a URL where the form(s) can be downloaded will be provided. Look for the url field in the response to download the completed form(s). However, note that download links will expire 5 days after they're generated.

And for an example of how generating forms works within the UI, read our Custom Forms – Next Steps article.


For information on custom form database tables, see the following articles:

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